Emergency services work together to save over £7 million on vehicles

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Thames Valley Police working in partnership with Chiltern Transport Consortium has participated in the biggest vehicle collaboration in the history of UK policing.

The force and other police forces and fire and rescue services, participated in the biggest vehicle procurement project in police and emergency services history which saw 34 organisations working together to save more than £7 million.

This ambitious plan, spearheaded by West Midlands Police, pulls together the vehicle buying power of police and fire and rescue services from across the country.

As a result, more than 3,000 vehicles will be ordered by the organisations over the next two years, with 1,200 of them being built in Britain, CTC will order 512, with 274 coming to Thames Valley Police.

The partnership claim the investment will save CTC members £270,000 (3.75%) over the two year period of which £140,000 relates to Thames Valley Police’s savings. This will contribute to the retention of Officers on the front line.

It is estimated that the overall spend as a result of the contract is in excess of £100 million when taking in to account the ‘whole life’ costs of the vehicles which takes into account the initial purchase along with fuel, maintenance, parts and repairs.

It means the group will make savings of between £6-7m.

The contract is for the full range of police vehicles, from the ‘beat’ cars, through to the high performance cars used for traffic and motorway policing. Suppliers were selected from a list of companies on the national government framework agreement, specifically for ‘blue light’ services.

Anthony Stansfeld, Police and Crime Commissioner for the Thames Valley said the purchasing collaboration is ‘on a scale never been seen before’.

“Programmes such as this demonstrate how collaborative working, when done well, can bring real efficiencies and benefits to all involved,” Mr Stansfeld said.

“I am delighted at the savings made by Thames Valley Police which will be reinvested in delivering front line policing for our communities.”

Linda Waters, director of finance for TVP, said: “This collaboration is a good example of how Thames Valley Police and the wider police service is working hard to deliver real savings and improve the efficiency of our service delivery, to ensure we have the maximum resources available for our priority services.”

The group has selected the following suppliers:

Cars: General Motors UK Ltd t/a Vauxhall, Volvo, BMW.

Vans: Ford, General Motors UK Limited t/a Vauxhall

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