Elderly man targeted by distraction burglars in Aylesbury

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Distraction burglars ripped off an elderly man in Aylesbury this week after claiming they had come to do work on his home.

The crooks said they were from the Paradigm Housing Association and that they needed to fit a water pump in the garden of the man’s Buckingham Road home.

On Saturday three men called the victim from his house to the opposite side of the road and said they would be doing some work on his house soon, despite the fact that the man had not been expecting work to be carried out.

Between 11am and 11.30am on Monday two of the men returned to the victim’s home and, after he let them in, they took him to the garden to discuss the work.

They told him money was needed up front and then increased the amount.

The victim left the two men in his house to start the work while he went to the bank.

On the way to the bank he started to question the situation, so turned to return home.

He then saw the two men leaving his house with the money he had paid them, driving off in a white flatbed truck.

When the victim called the housing association they said they had no work on at that address and no employees had been sent there.

The first man is white, of medium height, a broad build and around 30 years old. He had neat brown hair with side burns and a moustache. He was wearing dark trousers, dirty black trainers, grey gloves and a green council-type jacket.

The second man is black, in his mid 20s, taller than the first offender, of slim build with curly black hair. He was wearing a dark jacket, black jeans and dark shoes.

Following the incident, police have reminded people to never open your door to someone you don’t know or are not expecting, always put your door chain on before opening the door and use your door viewer to see who is there.

Police also said to be sure the caller is who they say they are before letting them in and that all genuine callers will have identification.

Anyone with information about the incident should call police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.