Eight-year-old beavers away to collect all 18 badges and a top award

scout award
scout award
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A THAME beaver scout has proudly shown off all of her activity badges – after being awarded every single badge

that she could receive.

Jessica Hutson gained the chief scout bronze award at Easter.

The award is the highest honour a beaver scout can gain.

To encourage her to keep trying she was set a challenge by her leader.

Jessica was tasked with completing all 18 activity badges which were on offer to her at the time.

To make the challenge harder, she was told to complete them before she moved up to the cub scouts a few weeks ago.

Jessica accepted the challenge.

One of her first tasks was to design a ‘model of the future.’

The beaver scout also performed in a play where she played a musical instrument.

The youngster also made paper aeroplanes, and went camping. She then had to gain her swimming-plus badge.

After she was recognised for her achievements, her parents said: “We would like to thank the leaders who have supported her for the last two years in accomplishing this achievement.”