(TUESDAY, JUNE 21) NESTLED in the idyllic surroundings of the picturesque village of Chearsley could be Britain's answer to Bill Gates.

Child prodigy Edward Stuart-Bourne is already a seasoned web designer at the tender age of ten years old.

A year ago, while most nine-year-olds were watching the latest Harry Potter film on DVD or playing football in the garden, Edward was painstakingly teaching himself the art of building his own website.

A year later and his pet project has spiralled into something neither Edward nor his proud parents could have imagined.

The site – www.koolkidz.co.uk – has been visited well over 20,000 times. The idea behind it is simple – a website which youngsters can visit after a hard day's work at school and relax by playing computer games online. And Edward has enjoyed the success he has achieved so much that he wants to channel all his energy into pursuing a career in web design.

He said: "It is for kids my age and a bit older. It has lots of games online so you can chill out after school if you're really tired after a day's hard work. I have tested all the games to make sure they're really fun and addictive and not a collection of rubbish games."

Edward is a pupil at Long Crendon County Combined School. In September he started at Swanbourne School and then he will study at Radley – a boarding school in Abingdon where he hopes to plan a career in computers.

Despite being born in 1994, Edward has already received his first payment for designing a company's website. He hopes to continue earning money during his time at school by designing a company website each year – money he says he will set aside for university.

He added: "My aunt bought me the domain as a birthday present. It was difficult to begin with and it was more of a passion for me than other people, but now it is for other people. I'm amazed it has reached 20,000 hits, I wasn't expecting that even after five years.

"Now I'm almost sure I will take up a career in it because I started at such a young age."

Edward's proud mother, Rona Stuart-Bourne, said: "It is the first thing he wants to do in the morning and the last thing at night."