‘Unnecessary’ curriculum changes

Headteacher of Haddenham Junior school Sue Roberts
Headteacher of Haddenham Junior school Sue Roberts

The Government’s proposed plans to redesign the primary school curriculum have been met with dismay by a local headteacher.

The new curriculum, set to be introduced in September 2014, focuses upon making core subjects maths, English and science tougher.

In maths, there will be an expectation that by age 9 pupils will be able to do their 12 times tables.

In English there will be a greater emphasis on grammar and it will be expected children can recite poetry.

While in science there will be more in depth study of the solar system, speed and evolution.

However, Haddenham Junior School headteacher Sue Roberts was left baffled by the plans.

“Our students already do that. We already teach all of this.

“I think what they are trying to do is unnecessary. I think they are harking back to a non-existent golden age.

“The trouble is the government don’t go into schools now.”

Oak Green headteacher Elaine Barry was cautious about the new proposals.

Mrs Barry said: “From the quick flick through I’ve had it seems as though they expect pupils to learn things a year earlier or so.”

However, Mrs Barry was keen to stress that currently the plans are only at the draft phase and subject to change.