Traditional values upheld in Oakley’s May celebrations

Hannah Ekerold is crowned by head teacher Joanne Garlick
Hannah Ekerold is crowned by head teacher Joanne Garlick

Keeping up traditions is vital at Oakley School and so it proved during the annual May Day celebrations.

The whole school got involved with dancing around the Maypole and the crowning of May Queen, Hannah Ekerold.

Headteacher Joanne Garlick said: “This has been going on in the village well before my time here.

“It’s part of our role to keep the tradition alive. It’s one of our main special events that we hold and one of the most popular along with Christmas celebrations.”

Ms Garlick said villagers turned out in force to support the event.

“It’s important to a lot of people. We plan it very carefully,” she said.

“We get lots of grandparents along which is nice because they remember doing it when they were here at school.

“This school is about involving lots of people from the community and inviting everybody to come and share the work that we do.”

Year 6 pupil Hannah was voted in by the school as May Queen and Ms Garlick, who leaves after eight years this summer, said it was an honour to crown her.

“It was the children’s decision and traditionally it has been one of the Year 6 girls.

“She said she would like me to crown her as we are both leaving this summer.

“It was very emotional, it’s been a bit like that this year with last events. It’s the memories you make that you remember.”