Pre-school expansion will double numbers

Education news
Education news

The success of a pre-school means it will now be expanded to enable double the number of young children to attend.

Bearbrook Combined School took over the leadership of Bearbrook pre-school a year ago, and the positive changes they introduced led to a good Ofsted report.

Headteacher Marcus Faulkner said: “As a result of this the local authority approached us to increase the number of places.”

There is now a planning application in place for an additional pre-school building, linked to the existing building by a glazed canopy structure, plus an extension to the playground and four additional car parking spaces.

Currently, 24 children from three years to school age attend each three-hour session at the pre-school in Fowler Road, Aylesbury.

The new building will enable numbers to increase to 48 per session and allow younger children from age two to attend.

Mr Faulkner said: “We want to improve the learning environment inside and out. The canopy will link to the current building, ensuring the children can enjoy being outside in the fresh air all year round.”