Praise pours in as head retires after 16 years

John Hulett retires after 16 years
John Hulett retires after 16 years

Staff at Barley Hill Primary School have paid tribute to their former head teacher John Hulett, who retired on New Year’s Eve.

He had been with the Thame school for 16 years and was described by Samantha Eels-Taylor as “the face of the school.”

The vice chair of governors was wholesome in her praise for Mr Hulett and thanked him for what he had done at Barley Hill.

She said: “He had been there for so long and his whole personality has spread throughout the school.

“Despite being a big school, he managed to keep a small feel to it as he knew all the children by name and he certainly cared for them.”

And this was picked out by Ofsted as one of the outstanding points of the school in its last inspection. Mr Hulett led Barley Hill to an overall mark of good with outstanding features and his leadership was one of the areas which stood out.

On leaving the school, Mr Hulett was very thankful to all who he worked with and said: “To say farewell to all the different people who make up the community at Barley Hill will leave an enormous whole in my life.

“Thanks to everyone who made Barley Hill what it is.”

To mark his retirement, the staff and pupils held a number of celebrations, most notable of which was a pantomime put on by the teachers for the children and parents.

Mr Hulett played a key role in the production and was also rewarded with a number of gifts during his farewell assembly.

But the long-serving head is not giving up his role in education completely and will continue working as a part-time school improvement partner offering advice to other teachers.

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