Education Eye: My top tips on what to do while waiting for 11+ results

Catherine Stoker
Catherine Stoker
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The 11+ tests are over for another year.

Whilst awaiting results due on 11th October, parents’ thoughts turn towards secondary school preferences via the Common Application Form (CAF).

For the first time, parents will know their child’s 11+ test result, prior to submitting the CAF, knowing in advance if grammar is an option.

The deadline for online submission of this form is October 31.

Here are a few tips to bear in mind when considering how to list school preferences.

Visit school open evenings in the coming weeks, meeting the Head and key staff to ensure you make an informed decision about your top choices in order of preference.

By researching how likely you are to gain a place according to admissions criteria, for example proximity to the school gates or religious conditions, list at least one realistic, acceptable fall-back school, where a place is guaranteed.

Due to the equal preference system the schools will not know in what order you placed them on the form, so stick to your true order of preference.

Your application to each school will be treated individually and given full consideration, according to their admissions code.

Fill in all the spaces on the form if you feel necessary, especially if there is a school you certainly don’t want.

Leaving gaps on the form may mean you will be allocated a school of the admissions authority’s choosing, if you don’t secure a place in any of the schools you listed.

Don’t forget to consider Sir Thomas Fremantle, the new Free School which opened its doors in Sept 2013.

Application for 2014 is via the CAF so be sure to list it as one of your preferences if you feel its ethos for 
education meets yours.