Education Eye: D-day dawns for 11+ but it’s not all about pass and fail ...

Catherine Stoker
Catherine Stoker

So the new format Bucks 11+ test results are due this Friday. I have spoken with many parents who are nervously awaiting the outcome.

On results day, be sensitive towards other families. If Friday brings good news, you and your child may wish to shout it from the rooftops. However ,be aware there will be disappointed parents and children at the school gate.

Nurture your child’s self-esteem. Let them know whatever they achieved, you are proud of their efforts.

Consider carefully before launching an appeal. Listen to and act upon the advice of your primary school headteacher and take time to consider carefully the right way forward. Scraping in and then struggling to keep up with the fast academic pace may not be the right environment for your child.

All parents have a choice. Be careful to ensure it is a considered one that is relevant and appropriate.

School decisions should never be made through emotion, pressure from other parents or concern for what others may think. Remember siblings are different and often require different school environments to nurture their individual potential.

The 11+ is not about pass or fail. It is designed to assess potential for a child to thrive at grammar school and, as such, requires a set level of attainment to be eligible for a place.

Don’t speak badly of any secondary school incase your child is allocated a place there. A proactive parent who works with the school to support their child’s education must reassure their child that they will be successful and happy wherever they go to school.