EDUCATION EYE: Are private schools right for you and your child?

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Education Eye
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The cost of private education means many parents are now considering how and when it’s best to invest.

Combining private and state education at different ages is becoming more common place. Finding cash to pay school fees is not easy, with many parents choosing to forgo annual holidays abroad and the latest technological gadgets in order to invest in their children’s future, through access to the best education.

There is no one answer fits all to the question is private education for you? State and independent provision vary depending on where you live and the personalities, strengths and weaknesses of individual children mean each one needs careful consideration.

Parents usually make the choice of private education for three reasons:

l The ‘best’ state schools in the area are academically selective and parents are unhappy with the alternative, if their child does not gain entry.

l There is a need for additional support for an educational reason such as dyslexia, EAL, gifted or a particular interest such as music, and parents feel their state school option is not equipped to deliver this support.

l Both parents work full-time, so have less time available to offer supplementary provision at home.

We are fortunate to have a wealth of fantastic state and independent school options across Bucks, however be wary of falling into the trap of jumping on the bandwagon of local parent hysteria. Keep calm and consider your personal approach carefully.

The key to finding the right solution is detailed research and then to visit both state and independent school options which are available to you, meeting key staff and asking lots of questions.

Once you have all the facts, decide which you feel are most suitable for their individual needs. Gut feeling is important. Seeking an independent, professional opinion will lead to less confusion.

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