Drugs factory raid following a tip off

Drugs raid in Monmouth Close, Aylesbury
Drugs raid in Monmouth Close, Aylesbury

POLICE raided a suspected cannabis factory in Aylesbury on Wednesday and seized roughly 300 plants.

A team of eight officers stormed the doors of the house in Monmouth Close just after 8am.

A man aged 59 was taken into custody.

Officers remained at the scene throughout the day removing what is believed to be 150 five-feet and 150 one-foot tall cannabis plants.

Suspected drug growing paraphernalia was also found at the house in Quarrendon.

PC Tom Clarke said: “This was a pre-planned operation.

“It was carried out first thing this morning.

“This raid shows we will not tolerate the production of drugs in Aylesbury and we will respond to any intelligence we receive in a pro-active way.”

Neighbour John Rolfle said: “When I saw what was happening it was a complete surprise to me, like it will be to everyone else around here.

“They are pleasant people who live around here, all very respectful.

“I don’t know who lived there and don’t really remember seeing them around.”

Postman John Butterworth, 63, who lives next door to the house which was raided, said ‘it was a shock’.

Last week he called the gas man out after noticing what he called ‘a smell’ and was told that he did not have a leak.

He returned from doing his rounds to find a police cordon outside his house.

He said: “It was a bit of a surprise. I guess it is not an uncommon site in this day and age but not normally outside your house.”