DRUG BUST UPDATE (5pm): Three more men charged and five arrested in town’s biggest ever drug bust

Drugs raid in Bicester rd
Drugs raid in Bicester rd

Another three people have been charged in Aylesbury’s biggest ever drug bust.

It has also now led to eight further arrests – taking the total number up to 29.

Operation Sideline took place on Tuesday when 16 addresses were raided by police in the town and the London area.

Two men aged 42, a 17 year-old boy and men aged 27 and 45 have been arrested on suspicion of being concerned in the supply of class A drugs.

Officers have now charged 14 people. All except one of those charged appeared before High Wycombe Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday or Thursday.

Those charged with being concerned in the supply of a class A drug are:

> Said Khan, 34, of Fleet Street, Aylesbury

> Tristan Folaranmi, 26, of Eaton Road, Aylesbury

> Shahid Hussain, 25, of Eeles Close, Aylesbury

> Stacey Wright, 27, of Intalbury Avenue, Aylesbury

> Yousef Hibatillah, 22, of Belgrave Road, Aylesbury

> Adam Freeman, 27, of Oliffe Close, Aylesbury

> Adrian McCarthy, 37, of Lynher Close, Aylesbury

> Steven Doyle, 24, of Bicester Road, Aylesbury

> Debbie Almond, 51, of Elm Green, Aylesbury

> Ashley Blake, 30, of Belgrave Road, Aylesbury

> Harrison Share, aged 18, of Winchester Avenue, London

> Dennis Bradnock, 52, of Wornington Road, London

> A boy, 17, from London

The following have been charged for their alleged involvement in the supply of class A drugs, released on bail until November 6:

> A man, 63, from London

> A girl, 17, from London

> A man, 31, from Southall

> A man, 73, from London

> A man, 29, from Aylesbury (bailed until November 7)

> A woman, 28, from Aylesbury (bailed until September 25)

The following were arrested on suspicion of class B drug related offences:

> A man, 19, from Aylesbury arrested on suspicion of possession (bailed until October 19)

> A man, 45, from Aylesbury, has been cautioned for possession of a class B drug

> Simon Faucher, 32, of Bravington Road, London, charged with possession of a class B drug (bailed until October 11)

> A woman, 50, from Northolt arrested on suspicion of being concerned in the supply of a class B drug (bailed until November 6)

A man, 23, was arrested in Eeles Close, Aylesbury. He has now been de-arrested.

Those arrested in London are suspected to be dealers coming into Aylesbury to sell. Some are also thought to have had the drugs for personal use.