Drivers told to give workmen respect following ‘unbelievable abuse’

Transport for Bucks workmen
Transport for Bucks workmen

Workmen repairing Bucks’ roads are subjected to ‘unbelievable abuse’ by motorists, according to the county council.

The authority says its workmen are often subjected to abuse, sounding of car horns and drivers not obeying temporary traffic lights which could lead to serious accidents.

As the number of road schemes increases due to additional funding being directed towards repairing the road network the number of ‘near miss’ reports logged by the operatives is also on the increase.

The council is asking road users to show respect for the road workers.

It has a code of conduct for workmen which includes ‘doing their best to minimise inconvenience to residents affected by road closures’ and ‘ensuring there is adequate provision to enable pedestrians, vulnerable road users and motorists to safely negotiate our works at all times’.

In a statement the council said: “They have all been trained in this code of conduct, and all they require in return is the respect that everyone should receive in their place of work.”

And Councillor Janet Blake, cabinet member for planning and transportation added: “We have many members of staff who work on the roads, including repair operatives and school crossing patrollers.

“They work tirelessly to make our journeys easier and protect our children, and are sometimes subjected to unbelievable abuse.

“We hope that all road users continue to be patient and drive carefully through road works and other areas of the road network where our staff are working, bearing in mind the valuable job these people do for them.”