Drivers lend a helping hand after pot hole scare

Sue Hawes with her car
Sue Hawes with her car
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A woman has praised two Good Samaritans who helped her after her car tyre suddenly burst when going over a pot hole.

Sue Hawes, 67, of Oakley, was driving along the Thame Road to Long Crendon when the incident happened.

Having managed to pull over two fellow drivers checked to see if she was OK.

Ms Hawes said: “So many people complain that people don’t want to help, don’t want to know. But I found the opposite. It gave me quite a warm feeling to think I was not on my own.”

The first man was driving in the opposite direction and turned back to check on her.

He told her it had also happened to him previously. The other man, a lorry driver helped and said he was on his way to two other people in similar situations. Ms Hawes said she was worried she would not be able to steer the car to safety.

She added: “It was scary, there was a huge bang and I thought ‘what on earth has happened?’

“I carried on for a bit and then thought ‘this car is not driving right’. I was a bit scared I couldn’t pull it off the road.”