Driver whose car was written off on icy road minutes before fatal crash claims police should have done more to prevent tragedy

Martin Kendall is calling for answers from the police
Martin Kendall is calling for answers from the police

An investigation has been launched into two serious crashes on an icy road within minutes of each other.

Malcolm Tindall, 64, of Aylesbury, and Carl Bird, 29, of High Wycombe, were killed when their cars collided on the A413 near Wendover on March 4. A female passenger travelling with Mr Bird was seriously injured in the 6am crash.

Scene of fatal car crash - on the A413 between Wendover and Great Missenden, near to the entrance of Woodlands Park

Scene of fatal car crash - on the A413 between Wendover and Great Missenden, near to the entrance of Woodlands Park

And Martin Kendall, 48 of Eeles Close, Aylesbury, whose Volkswagen Passat flipped twice and crashed into a ditch at around 4.45am, 75 minutes before the fatal accident, has asked why police did not make sure the road was safe after he had been taken to hospital.

Mr Kendall, who was taken to Stoke Mandeville after the accident suffering from bruising to his ribs and back, said: “The police should have stayed where they were.

“I’ve done those call-outs with a former council job and the police should have slowed the traffic down until the road had been gritted.

“When I found out about the second accident I felt quite sick.

“The nurse came in and they were delayed because all the roads had been closed from an accident.

“There was a 20ft sheet of ice in that road.

“As far as I’m concerned this should never have happened – it’s needless death.”

And Mr Kendall, who drove a gritter for Bucks County Council for 10 years, said: “I’ve had little knocks before but this is the biggest crash I’ve had in my life, accidents can catch anyone out and it caught me out that morning.

“I was in a lot of pain and couldn’t see my hand in front of my face because it was pitch black. It’s a miracle that I walked away when you see the state of my car.”

In the week since the crash others have come forward to call for answers over the the incident.

Gordon Findlay, 53, from Wendover was travelling by taxi to work in London when it skidded on the ice that same morning.

He said: “The driver momentarily lost control, he stopped, righted himself and we kept going.

“I had my eyes closed but he said we narrowly missed a lorry.

“Obviously there was something more serious going on there. If it is a known accident spot, by the time of the other car crash something should have been done about it.”

And another motorist who slid on the ice that morning – who we agreed not to name – came forward to ask why police did not warn other motorists.

They said: “I lay the inadequate policing of the treacherous conditions firmly in the hands of the police who left that scene without leaving any warnings to alert the oncoming motorists of the conditions ahead.

“I was really annoyed and upset when I heard that two lives were lost that morning because of what I view as incompetence and not following due diligence.”

After the second crash the road was closed until 10.30am for accident investigation work.

One of the cars, a black Astra, is believed to have slid into a ditch after the collision, and was removed later that afternoon.

We contacted Bucks County Council to ask when the road was gritted that day, but were told that as an investigation is ongoing it could not answer our questions.

We asked Thames Valley Police what was done to make the road safe after Mr Kendall’s accident, and why officers did not remain at the scene.

Police declined to comment on our questions but issued the following statement: “Thames Valley Police is currently investigating the cause of a fatal road traffic collision on March 4 on the A413 at Wendover and whether there are any links to a previously reported collision.

“No official complaint has been made to Thames Valley Police in relation to this collision.

“An investigation is ongoing into the cause of the collision and it would be inappropriate to comment on the factors involved before this has been completed.

“Our thoughts are with the families of the deceased and injured in this tragic incident.”

Police are appealing for anyone who witnessed the incident, or was in the area at the time to come forward.

If you can help contact PC Sarah Phillips at Thames Valley Police on 101.