Driver is fined £1,500 for powder spillage

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A DRIVER claimed to know nothing of waste seen falling from his van when he appeared at Aylesbury Magistrates Court on Wednesday (March 7).

Asad Jahinger Malik of Narbeth Drive, Aylesbury, was reported to police in March last year when the car following his vehicle was covered in a cloud of white powder.

Motorist Steve Leyland saw the passenger door of Mr Malik’s van open and an orange bucket and white adhesive powder fall out in College Road North, Aston Clinton. He took down his registration number.

Mr Malik, aged 23, was found guilty of being negligent, and therefore responsible for the waste which was deposited from the van. He had pleaded not guilty.

Magistrates heard he had been to the Household Waste Recycling Centre in Aston Clinton and told police he had a permit to dispose of waste there. Investigations confirmed this to be true.

Mr Malik said he noticed the passenger door was not fully shut and asked his passenger to re-close the door. He said that neither he nor his passenger knew anything had fallen from the van.

In court it was put to him that the bucket and powder had not fallen out when the door was twice opened at the site; and that it was difficult to believe no-one knew it was there, or noticed it falling from the van.

In finding him negligent, magistrates fined Mr Malik £100 and ordered him to pay the full prosecution costs, including waste clearance of £1,476 plus a victim surcharge of £15 - a total to pay of £1,591.