‘Dream come true’ trip for sick four-year-old boy from Thame

Harrison Baker from Thame
Harrison Baker from Thame

A four-year-old boy who suffers from a potentially life-threatening condition had one of his dreams come true when he met Mickey Mouse.

Thame youngster Harrison Baker’s wish was granted on a trip to Disneyland Paris organised by the Starlight Children’s Foundation.

Harrison was born with Hydrocephalus, a build-up of water on the brain that causes a number of medical issues, including epilepsy.

The condition can be deadly if not properly monitored and will affect Harrison for the rest of his life.

Since diagnosis,the family’s life has involved constant hospital visits, but the two-day VIP trip allowed them to forget their troubles.

The trip was their first holiday since Harrison was born.

His mother, Charlotte Baker, said: “He had two wishes, to go skiing and to see Mickey Mouse.

“The John Radcliffe Hospital said he was medically unfit to ski so Starlight arranged the trip to Disneyland.

“It was a trip of a lifetime. Harrison had a great time, he just loved it.

“To meet Mickey Mouse, as a young child it was a dream come true.”

While at the theme park Harrison and his brother Bradley, six, got to enjoy various shows and met some other stars, including Pinocchio.

As an additional treat when the family returned, they were invited to a pirate-themed boat party organised by Starlight for 46 seriously ill children and their families.

Mrs Baker said: “We had told them he loves water so they invited him to that.

“It was nice to meet other people who had had their wishes granted and Harrison really enjoyed himself.”

Harrison currently goes to the John Watson special school in Wheatley, but his family hope he can one day attend a Thame school.

However, this is made less likely by the fact his condition means he has learning difficulties.

The experience has been difficult for the family at times, but they have all pulled together for Harrison.

Mrs Baker said: “I lost my career to look after him.

“It is tough going for his brother sometimes and he cares for him too.

“We are constantly going to hospital now, we seem to live there. It will always be like that.

“The condition can be life-threatening, but as long as you’re on your guard he will be safe.”

To find out more about the Starlight Foundation go to www.starlight.org.uk