Drama off-stage as audience appeals for medical help during Shakespeare tragedy

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There was real drama off-stage at the Waterside on Wednesday, when a performance of Julius Cesar was halted because a theatre-goer needed medical attention.

Audience members sitting in the middle of stalls near the stage, called for ‘a medic’ as they helped usher a woman out of the main auditorium.

Staff from the venue were quickly on scene to help look after the woman.

On-stage actor Jeffery Kissoon, who plays Caesar, was midway through a powerful scene involving a premonition of his character’s death – but, after realising what the commotion was about, he fell silent as he waited to make sure the woman was cared for.

Once it was clear the woman was in safe hands Mr Kissoon resumed the scene.

Jamie Baskeyfield, the theatre’s general manager, said@ “Aylesbury Waterside Theatre can confirm that during last nights performance of Julius Caesar a member of the audience was taken ill and the show was stopped very briefly in order for the customer to be attended to”.

“As with all live theatre, incidents like these do happen.

“All theatre staff are trained to deal with these situations as quickly and efficiently as possible and cast are well versed at handling such occurrences.

“The theatre has a number of trained first aiders on duty during all shows and our priority is for a duty first aider to promptly attend to the customer whilst ensuring a minimal amount of disruption to the show”.

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