Double celebration in the Collins household

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Comedian Andy Collins says he is ‘so proud’ after his daughter Molly landed a part alongside him in this year’s panto at the Waterside.

The Aylesbury-based star is known for presenting more than 80 episodes of Family Fortunes and being the warm up for TV shows with Ant and Dec and James Corden.

A10 Week 42'MCBH'DP'Panto promo for Cinderella at Aylesbury Waterside Theatre, taken at Waddesdon Manor - pictured is Andy Collins as Buttons

A10 Week 42'MCBH'DP'Panto promo for Cinderella at Aylesbury Waterside Theatre, taken at Waddesdon Manor - pictured is Andy Collins as Buttons

In 2010 his daughter Molly auditioned for a part at the Waterside alongside her dad (pictured below as Buttons) and Cilla Black but failed to get through.

“She’s worked on it for the last few years and I’m so proud that she did it this time,” said Mr Collins.

“I’m going to get a lot of grief saying ‘why don’t you get her the part’, but I’ve been in this business for 20 years and you have got to get there through hardwork and talent’.”

To break the news, Mr Collins took the family out for a meal where he produced a contract for her to sign.

Meanwhile his daughter’s achievement is not the only good news he has been given. It has been confirmed the 42 year old will be keeping the audience entertained in the Olympic Stadium on August 12 before the start of the closing ceremony.

He will also appear on stage with one of the big name acts.

Ahead of the show he jokes that he has been silenced and can not reveal any details, saying: “I know what I’m doing but I have signed the official secrets act. I can only say it’s going to be amazing.”

Unlike most performers, who would be nervous appearing at a stadium full of people, the former Naval mine clearance officer from the First Gulf War says he won’t be losing any sleep ahead of the show.

He jokes: “that’s nothing – deciding to cut the red wire or blue wire, that’s nerve wracking.”

Meanwhile Andy has already apologised to his neighbours, ahead of the house party he is planning to celebrate his return to the Waterside.

Last year he did a panto in Woking, letting Jonathan Wilkes and Christian Patterson stay at his house in Aylesbury.

He returned with EastEnders’ star Steve McFadden for an almighty bash with the cast of both shows and is planning something similar for this year.

In 2010 he received some of the biggest laughs at the venue for his 12 Days Of Christmas routine. Looking ahead to this year’s show, he said: “I will more than likely be doing it again.

“But I have done a few changes and the audience will have a big part to play in the 12 Days Of Christmas.

“All I will say is that when I was running up and down the stage I was thinking ‘why am I doing all the work!’

“We had so much fun last time I was at the Waterside.I know this year will be bigger, better and funnier.”

The Waterside is also welcoming back Steven Serlin, who won countless fans with his portrayl of King Rat during the 2011 panto – Steven has landed the role of Hook.

Peter Pan runs from December 8-30.

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