Don’t queue at A&E when your pharmacist can help

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BUCKINGHAMSHIRE’S top doctor is trying to reduce the number of residents who end up at A&E each year over the festive period.

Dr Geoff Payne, the medical director of NHS Bucks and Oxon, is urging patients to try their family doctor or pharmacy before getting in line at Stoke Mandeville’s A&E.

He said: “A&E departments and the ambulance service experience a significant rise in the number of patients seen each winter.

“Colder weather brings an increase in the number of patients suffering heart attacks, strokes and breathing problems.

“Therefore, it is important that ambulance staff and A&E teams are free to treat people with these serious and life-threatening conditions.

“Patients are being urged to ask themselves, if attending an A&E department is really necessary and the best option available to them .

“Of course, in a genuine emergency, the A&E department will provide the best possible care to patients.”