Don’t miss out on help


Blind people in Thame could be missing out on getting hold of a cheaper TV Licence.

The TV Licensing Agency believes that there are more people in the town who could benefit from the discount, as only ten people currently receive it.

Live in carers or family 
members could also benefit from the concession, which would mean that a colour licence fee would be reduced to £72.75 - half the price of a full TV Licence.

Martin Dyan, spokesman for TV Licensing London and South East, said: “If you live with someone who is severely sight-impaired, they are entitled to a blind concession TV Licence.

“This will cover you, as well as anyone living in your 
household. There are also many ways to pay - online with a debit card, monthly or quarterly 
direct debit, over the counter and by phone and post.”

To find out more call 0300 790 0366.