Dogs banned from cemetery for urinating on gravestones

Tring Road Cemetery in Aylesbury
Tring Road Cemetery in Aylesbury

Dogs are to be banned from Aylesbury’s Tring Road Cemetery after irresponsible owners let them urinate on gravestones.

The animals are currently permitted in the cemetery on a lead, but leader of Aylesbury Town Council, Mike Smith, said some pets were being allowed to run around uncontrolled.

Mr Smith said: “Clearly it is an irresponsible minority but we have dogs running around, urinating on graves and defecating and when the guys are working to tidy the cemetery up it goes all over the place.
“It makes the place look very unpleasant and spoils it for other people. It is a place of quiet reflection and people being bothered by dogs takes away from that atmosphere.”

The town council, which runs the cemetery, voted for a dog control order to be introduced by the end of spring.

Mr Smith said: “It wasn’t an easy action to take because I know people like to take their dogs and most keep them under control but we need to send out a clear signal.”

He confirmed that disability dogs will still be allowed in the cemetery.