Dog walker hungry to help furry friend

Valerie Mitchell and Ben
Valerie Mitchell and Ben

A woman who dedicates her time to walking a mistreated dog is raising money for a centre to help continuing home him.

Valerie Mitchell, of Sydenham, has been volunteering to walk Ben for two years.

The dog was handed into Stokenchurch Dog Rescue after being poorly treated and because of his nature he will never be able to be rehomed.

However, Mrs Mitchell is one person he does trust.

She said: “I needed some exercise and this is a way to help animals.

“It’s wonderful with him it really is. He didn’t bond with anyone.

“At the beginning he was difficult. Everything that moved, people, dogs, cars, he barked.

“I was the lucky one he bonded with. He trusts me. We have got a lovely relationship going.”

Mrs Mitchell is now aiming to raise money for the rescue centre on their jubilee year by doing a sponsored dog walk , her fourth one, on March 31.

She added: “It’s a wonderful place.

“They don’t have kennels they have proper rooms.

“They really do deserve all the sponsorship they can get.”