Dog control orders after cat mauled to death

Dog walkers may soon be forced to keep pets on a lead
Dog walkers may soon be forced to keep pets on a lead

A parish council has provisionally agreed to introduce dog control orders after a cat was mauled to death by three dogs.

Following the attack, Professor Sir Roderick Floud called on Haddenham Parish Council to consider introducing the orders.

He said: “I asked the parish council to consider this request after a horrible incident in which three dogs emerged from a footpath, jumped over an 18 inch wall into my front garden and seized my friend’s cat.

“They dragged the cat up the street with my friend and I pursuing it.

“They dropped the cat, which by now was dead, and then turned on my friend.

“The dogs were out of control because the owner was speaking on her mobile phone.

“She did nothing other than scream hysterically and beat her fists on a parked car.

“When she finally got the dogs under control she told me that they had never done anything like this before and that, of course, they would never harm a child.

“Out of control dogs do concern me and I feel the solution is to ask all owners to keep dogs on a lead until they reach open country.”

Following a lengthy debate at the parish council’s July meeting it was decided after a vote to obtain a dog control order.

Councillors voted in favour five to two with one abstaining.

Public consultation on the proposals closes at the end of a month.

The council intend to confirm the order at their next meeting on September 1.

However, a number of Haddenham residents including Freda Dorrell, of Willis Road, are against the proposals.

Mrs Dorrell said: “I can’t see how something like this can be enforced.

“This is a complete and utter waste of council time and money.

“They should spend the money on painting the railings around the village hall.

“I hope the council will change their minds.”