Doctors positive as Alex prepares for baseball treat (and he’s loving the American diet)

Alex Novakovic, from Aylesbury, pictured in Boston aqaurium
Alex Novakovic, from Aylesbury, pictured in Boston aqaurium

Having captured the hearts of people in Bucks, Alex Novakovic is once again finding himself at the centre of attention - this time in America.

The seven-year-old Bedgrove Infant School pupil is in Boston for living-saving cancer therapy and his story - which saw people raise more than £255,000 in a week for him - has caught the eye of the American media.

Alex, who has a brain tumour and was at one stage given just days to live, is also set to meet Boston Red Sox pitcher Clay Buchholz.

However, as a fan of the Red Sox’s rivals the New York Yankees, Alex will have to watch what he says.

His uncle Daniel O’Brien said: “Alex loves baseball so he’s really looking forward to that. We’ve just said don’t mention the Yankees.”

The early stages of Alex’s treatment have been progressing well, with results of an MRI scan due this week.

Some of Alex’s hair has begun to grow back after he stopped chemotherapy and doctors at the Massachusetts General Hospital have said they are pleased he has been able to keep his weight up.

Alex has also had permanent tattoos put on his back so doctors can pinpoint the proton therapy.

Mr O’Brien said: “He asked if he could have a skull with flames coming out of it. They said it’s not that kind of tattoo.”

While not at hospital Alex has had a chance to take in some of Boston’s attractions with his mother Jasmin, who travelled to America with him on April 28.

Mr O’Brien said: “At the weekend he went to the aquarium and he’s decided he wants a stingray as his next pet.

“He’s down the park quite a lot, he loves the food, particularly the hot dogs and hamburgers.

“He’s really upbeat.”

A single, ‘A Million Hearts’ by Alexander’s Army, has been released to help raised more money for Alex, who may need additional funds for post-therapy treatment.

Nearly £380,000 has now been raised for the cause. Any money leftover will go to charity Kids ‘n’ Cancer to help other children like Alex.