Do you miss the whole point of acupuncture?

Rhiannon Griffiths
Rhiannon Griffiths

WITH Acupuncture Awareness Week just around the corner one Thame specialist is keen to help dispel some of the myths and misconceptions.

A recent survey by OnePoll revealed that many people still do not understand the possible benefits the health treatment offers.

According to the poll, 21 per cent of the British public think the needles used are as large as those used in injections which is not the case.

The first ever awareness week runs from February 27 to March 4 and the theme is dispelling the many myths and misconceptions.

With this in mind Thame acupuncturist, Rhiannon Griffiths, pictured left, said: “It is still the biggest hurdle we have to overcome in getting patients to come for treatment.

“Most people are scared of needles from experiences in childhood, which are to do with medical hypodermic needles, which are designed to cut the skin.

“I felt exactly the same before I tried acupuncture 11 years ago, so I do understand people’s reservations.”

As part of the week Rhiannon is hosting some events that Thame residents can get involved with. On Tuesday, February 28, she is offering a free 15-minute consultation and tongue diagnosis at The White House. On Thursday, March 1, she is holding and online seminar called Busting the Myths Around Acupuncture.

Rhiannon practices from The White House in Thame, and Susannah Nicholas Health and Beauty in Princes Risborough.

Visit or telephone 01844 220227.