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Here are movie reviewer Callum Mortimer’s thoughts on The Amazing Spider-Man – tell us your view by posting a message below.

With three highly successful films based around the Spider-Man character already made, the announcement that the franchise was to be given a reboot left people wondering ‘will it actually work?’

Conclusively, it is safe to say that it has worked very well indeed.

This entry swings (no pun intended) into the beginnings of Spider-Man, but ultimately, from a different angle.

This time, Spider-Man battles Dr Curt Connors; an old pal of Peter’s father, whose desire to regrow his lost limbs transforms him into a massive monster known only as The Lizard.

The good thing about a film like this is that you don’t need to open up a comic book to know what the character is about and what’s going on.

Because of the entertainment value the character naturally produces, pretty much everybody can get into the movie and believe in this more emotionally mature Spider-Man.

For this re-imagining, Andrew Garfield takes over in the lead role and, in truth, his performance makes Tobey Maguire’s run look rather wet. He looks intelligent, is well built for the role and to top it all off, Garfield does still stick to tradition but expands into the outer regions of cool with the simple addition of a skateboard. It just seems to work. Not many 28 year olds can get away with playing someone 17 after all.

Gwen Stacy also gets another outing, this time however, portrayed by Emma Stone. From the get go, there is almost immediate chemistry.

She’s resourceful, funny and does well as Parker’s equal and love interest.

Rhys Ifans is the almost ideal choice to play Curt Connors. You truly believe that he is serious about curing all human weakness and the transition from a character with a genuine need to a monster rampant with scaly evil makes for genuinely good viewing.

It is an excellent piece of superhero film making.

Admittedly, it isn’t on the scale of The Avengers, but, nonetheless, it’s right up there. Do go and see it.