DJ’s thumbs up for snack launch

Helena and Howard Beveridge show off DJ Veat
Helena and Howard Beveridge show off DJ Veat

A COUPLE from Long Crendon are using a bold marketing ploy to help get them started in the food market.

And it all centres around this huge seven foot DJ, who will be the face of their new Veatable Bars.

Helena and Howard Beveridge are the pair behind DJ Veat and will be using the character as the main way to get publicity for the launch of their business this weekend.

Helena said: “We took him out last weekend and the response was really good.

“All the children loved him and kept coming up to high five him.”

The DJ has been chosen to help promote the healthy bars to youngsters as an alternative to having a chocolate bar or packet of crisps after school.

And Helena believes their bars have what it takes to be a success as they are completely different to anything else on the market.

She said: “We knew we had to create something new and so we started to think about where there could be a gap in the market.

“Then, when our children came home from school we realised there was nothing healthy for them to eat to keep them going.

“So we thought up the Veatable Bar and so far it has gone down really well.”

The new bars vary from the traditional cereal bars as they are all fresh and have to be stored in the fridge.

The initial idea came 18 months ago and in the time since, the pair have been finalising the flavours which they believe will make the new venture a success.

In the end they have come up with Tomato Pizza, Thai Sweetcorn and Sweet Roasted Vegetable.

These can now be found in a number of local shops, including Best One in Long Crendon and Budgens in Wendover as well as the Aqua Vale in Aylesbury.