Discovering new humble abodes abroad

Editor Laura Henderson and head of advertising Rowena Shepherd
Editor Laura Henderson and head of advertising Rowena Shepherd
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A new luxury resort property magazine is offering people expertise on the perfect purchase abroad and hopes its own gamble pays off.

The first issue of Abode2 was released nationwide this month in stores such as WHSmiths and Harrods.

The glossy magazine offers advice on resort homes, retirement options and investment opportunities.

Editor Laura Henderson, of Wendover, said: “I had a general idea a few years back that there was a gap in the market for this.

“Although people are cutting back those who interested in property are still purchasing. They are just being slightly more selective where they buy.”

Mrs Henderson said it has proved quite a coup for the biannual magazine to get high profile distributors such as WHSmiths on board.

“In the climate even a distributor taking us on and saying ‘yes it looks good’ is quite something,” she added.

“It’s a risk for them as much as it is for us. They have given us an opportunity so hopefully it pays off.”

Mrs Henderson spent a ‘few thousand pounds’ on starting up the magazine and secured the rest through advertising. She added: “It’s amazing what you can do with some man hours. We’ve put in 14-hour days.

“If the first issue is not up to scratch you never get a chance to make second impressions.”