‘Difficult summer’ as violence rises in Aylesbury Vale - but police promise crackdown

Sara Thornton
Sara Thornton
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The chief constable of Thames Valley Police has admitted officers in Aylesbury Vale had a ‘difficult summer’, as figures revealed a rise in violence.

There was an 11.4% increase in ‘violence against the person’ in the district between April 1 and December 3 compared to last year.

By comparison, there was a 0.2% increase across the force in the same period. Police had been tasked with ensuring a 2% reduction.

Speaking at Aylesbury Vale District Council on Wednesday night, Sara Thornton said there had been some increases in domestic violence in the area, combined with public violence.

She said much of it has taken place on estates outside the town centre and mainly in the evenings, with extra patrols deployed to deal with the problem.

The chief constable said: “They had a really difficult summer in terms of levels of violence.

“The increase in Aylesbury Vale is coming down and will be in single figures by the end of the year.”

The figures also showed burglary in the district was down by 6.2% in the same period.

They also showed Vale police are solving nearly half of ‘violence against the person with injury’ cases and a quarter of burglaries.