Devil of a good chance...

Devil Inside
Devil Inside

AYLESBURY heavy metal act Devil Inside are dismissing concerns that they are unlikely to win a talent contest because the prize could involve playing to the same crowd as pop star Rihanna.

The four-piece are through to this month’s regional final in Reading for unsigned bands. If they impress they will progress to a final at London’s 02 Arena where they could win the chance to perform at a pop music festival and other summer music events.

The Aylesbury group only formed nine weeks ago. Singer Stacii Vain said: “It is quite an amazing achievement for us, we are still a young band in terms of how long we have been together.

“Our music has been described as ‘the dark end of rock and roll’.”

The 28 year old admits that when they entered the contest, which is open to all genres of music, they were concerned that a festival audience who came to see Rihanna were unlikely to enjoy their sound.

“We did kind of think that at first,” he said. “But when we got through the first round it showed they are not just looking at one type of music.

“There are people that want to keep our type of music in the competition. I don’t think our style of music is hurting us.

“It is still a talent competition and they must see something in us because we are still there.”

The regional final takes place in Reading on May 27. The final prize is £10,000 and the chance to play at 15 music festivals.

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