Deputy mayor visits Halton

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No Caption ABCDE PNL-141203-150119001

The deputy mayor of Thame visited RAF Halton this week to watch a graduation parade.

Councillor Jeannette Matelot Green and her husband James enjoyed a lunch with station commander Simon Harper and reviewing officer Simon Dowling.

Mrs Matelot Green was addressed by officers who presented information on the training offered and some of the strict regulations they have.

She said: “We listened to a very interesting presentation on phase one basic training and being a school governor, I am well aware of having to conform to Ofsted regulations.”

The deputy mayor was also presented with a painting of the station which she descibed as ‘wonderful’ ahead of the parade which was for graduates from 520 intake, pearson flight.

She said: “The experience they will have had here will set them up for life.

“The standard of the trainee’s dress and presentation for the parade was second to none and there were quite a few tears of joy from the invited families and friends, myself included.”