Dead deer trauma for dog family

Missing dog Quigley
Missing dog Quigley

THE search continues for missing dog Quigley after the corpse of a muntjac was briefly mistaken for him.

Eight-year-old crossbreed Quigley is a medium-sized white dog with black patches and speckles all over. He has been described as looking like a short-haired Pointer, Beagle cross or a Catahoula Leopard dog. His face has tan mixed in and he has three black spots on his posterior.

Quigley was most recently seen in the woods between Great Hampden and Great Kimble last Thursday.

Despite this sighting, the family then underwent a traumatic experience when the had a phone call from Stokenchurch Dog Rescue about the body of a badly decomposed muntjac deer found by a concerned member of the public who believed it could have been Quigley.

His owner, Holly Rizzuto Palker, said the 45 minutes which it took to receive confirmation that the body was in fact that of a deer was ‘heart-wrenching’.

“I was a mess,” said Holly.

“I just kept thinking ‘Is this it? Is this the end of the line?’ It was very difficult, but when we found out that it wasn’t Quigley we were ready to celebrate!

“But the fact that someone rang in so quickly at least showed that there are people out there looking.

“We really are so grateful to all those who have helped look for Quigley.”

Call Holly 07770 751631, 01483 278259 or visit if you see Quigley.