Daring explorers needed by museum

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Children can dress up like Indiana Jones to hear the true stories of danger, death and disaster from the explorers who made the Natural History Museum what it is today.

The exhibition follows the Victorians who survived rhino attacks and shipwrecks to bring animal specimens back to Tring from all over the world.

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This includes Charles M Harris whose trip to the Galapagos Islands was marred by his captain dying of yellow fever, a crew member being sacked for drunkenness and another running away.

As they enter, children are asked to imagine being shipwrecked on a tiny island and to consider what how they would escape and bring their specimens back home.

During their visit they can dress up as Victorian explorers, play an explorer’s version of snakes and ladders and test themselves with the Collector Challenge.

The museum’s Alice Adams said: “Our founder Walter Rothschild relied on these courageous collectors to form the impressive collection that has inspired generations of visitors to take an interest in the natural world.”

For more about the Daring Explorers exhibition visit www.nhm.ac.uk/tring