‘Dangerous’ entrance to Thame park tackled

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A new barrier is to be installed at a park entrance where residents have warned an accident is ‘waiting to happen’.

Thame Town Council has agreed to put a £300 barrier at the Park Street entrance to Elms Park.

However, campaigners say they will not stop until a pedestrian gate is installed.

The council had permission for a gate when it redesigned the entrance in 2008, but now says it is a mystery as to why it was in the plans.

Richard Jeffries, who lives near the park and spoke at the committee meeting where the decision was taken, said it would not be the end of the matter.

Mr Jeffries said: “It’s positive that they have agreed there’s a safety issue but we are still not content with a barrier.

“We are not going to let this go. There should be a gate on there. A barrier is unlikely to work.”

A temporary barrier has been placed inside the entrance to the park.

The council says it hopes the barrier will improve safety at the entrance to the park.