Dad’s agony after moth becomes stuck in his ear for THREE days

The moth, which became lodged in Rob Fielding's ear
The moth, which became lodged in Rob Fielding's ear

A dad endured agonising surgery without anaesthetic after a moth became lodged in his ear canal for three days.

Marketing manager Rob Fielding, 43, was reading on a tablet computer when the moth landed on his ear.

Rob Fielding

Rob Fielding

The dad of three reached to swat it away, but inadvertently pushed it further into his ear canal, where it became stuck.

He went straight to Stoke Mandeville Hospital, where for the next three hours the live moth buzzed around causing him to twitch until it died.

Doctors tried to remove the insect, but ended up having to book him in for surgery three days later.

He then underwent a 90 minute procedure in which his ear canal was artificially straightened, and the moth removed whole.

And the story has now gone global, appearing on national news websites in the UK and as far afield as New York.

Mr Fielding, who lives in Coronation Villas, Aylesbury with his wife Joanne and children Freddie, nine, Betsy, six and Meg, four, said: “Everytime it fluttered it made with twitch and jump around which was horrible.

“It was awful knowing the moth was flying around inside my head and every now and then when I felt it move it made me jump out of my skin.

“For those days having it inside my ear affected my balance and made me feel really nauseous. The procedure was incredibly painful as it was next to my ear drum and about 2cm inside my ear.

“After shoving a funnel into my ear, they managed to widen the passage and get the moth out with a tiny pair of forceps. I was told that there was a very real risk of serious infection if the moth had stayed inside.”

He added: “It felt like I’d just come off an aeroplane and my ears popped.”

The whole debacle meant that Mr Fielding was forced to miss a family wedding, but luckily his young children and neighbours find the incident amusing.

He said: “Luckily the kids find it absolutely hilarious and are obsessed with showing everyone our new pet.

“Even some of our neighbours have been round to have a look.

“We’re keeping the moth as a souvenir as it’s a great conversation starter.

“It’s in pride of place on our living room bookshelf at the moment and the kids are fighting over what to name him. I was devastated because it was my cousin’s wedding and my whole family were going to be there.