Cuts to road safety provision despite four fatalities in a month

County Hall
County Hall

Bucks County Council is making cuts to its road safety team, despite the deaths of four motorists in the Vale within a fortnight.

Education and training for young drivers and instructors will be reduced and although the council has said it will continue to monitor collisions and safety procedures, its provsision for casualty reduction will be slashed.

Manager of Wycombe Driving School, Audrey Wixon, 46, who has been an instructor for 10 years, said she is ‘shocked’ by the news.

She said: “It will cost lives and doesn’t seem to make sense.

“The council say it will save them £192,000 a year but a fatal accident costs about £1.8 million!

“It seems like a very poor choice to save money and the road safety team have done such a huge amount of work, putting on courses to make the roads safer.”

A spokesman for Bucks County Council said significant budget reductions must be made.

He said: “This has resulted in difficult decisions being made across a large number of services across the whole of the County Councils’ activities. However we are currently reviewing how the service provision will be provided.

“This is part of the consultation process being undertaken at the present time.”