Cub scout provides drizzle of success with fundraising for new trailer

Wil Jenkison's fundraising stunned leader Martin Richardson (front right)
Wil Jenkison's fundraising stunned leader Martin Richardson (front right)
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A cub scout’s lemon drizzle cakes have helped him climb to new heights after they raised hundreds of pounds for a new group trailer.

Wil Jenkinson, eight, of 1st Chinnor Scouts, was presented with the Graham Gedge Award for outstanding achievement after he raised £400 towards the final £3,000 cost of the scout trailer, which will be used for various camp trips.

Wil’s mum, Katya Barnett said:“When Wil heard that the scout leaders were doing the Three Peaks Challenge to raise money for the trailer, he wanted to do his bit to help.

“And so he decided to bake lemon drizzle cakes and go door to door in Chinnor asking for a donation for a piece of cake.”

However, no-one could expect the impact Wil’s sales would have and cub leader Martin Richardson was full of praise for the youngster.

He said: “I think Wil is a great inspiration to his group and to the adults. I’ve never seen such drive and determination in someone so young.”

Mrs Barnett continued: “Wil’s fundraising is all down to the ‘Akela’, Martin Richardson.

“He is such an inspiring cub leader and a fantastic role model who teaches his cubs to be responsible, caring people.

“While also teaching them new skills, achieving personal goals and, just as important, having lots of fun at the same time.”

The Chinnor group paid tribute to all the voluntary help it received and said the purchase of the trailer was vital to carry all the equipment needed to set up camps for the cubs. At the camping trips kids are taught a variety of life skills and how to help and support each other.

The Graham Gedge Award was established in memory of one of Chinnor’s scout leaders who gave years of dedicated service to the group and Wil was thrilled to receive it.

He said: “We are taught in Cubs to do our best and I hope that’s what I have done by helping to raise some of the money we needed.”