Crude answers were an affront to good taste

Letters to the editor
Letters to the editor
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LAST week’s questionnaire appears to have stirred up quite a debate, with one letter this week complaining about its contents.

Chris Williams wrote about his hate for Swindon in the questionnaire, which triggered the following letter.

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Crude answers were an affront to good taste

from Mike Reeves, address supplied

I wish to complain in the strongest possible terms about your Answers Please column (Gazette, March 11).

I can only assume that no adult saw this prior to publication. It is not only offensive to people from Swindon or Wiltshire as a whole, but is an affront to common decency and taste.

You cannot seriously believe that urinating on people is inoffensive? It does not matter that it was not offensive against an individual.

Perhaps I should draw your attention to the contents of the Public Order Act and particularly the section regarding published material.

It may be a fairly common expression where local rivalries are concerned but that does not make it right.

By printing it you are culpable of inflaming an already volatile situation and therefore commit an offence under the Act. You cannot disassociate yourself by saying that they are personal opinions - you have published them and bear a large responsibility.

Thame must decide on future for site

from Andy Gunn, Ormond Road, Thame

What a fine article about Sainsbury’s attempt to capture the Cattle Market site (Gazette, March 11).

Thank you to Marius Ciortan and the many supporters who have expressed their opposition to such an audacious proposal.

What a cheek Sainsbury’s has in coming to Thame in the guise of a small supermarket and then wanting to take over this site.

We had Tescos in the 1990s with their grandiose plans. Now we have Sainsbury’s trying to tell Thame how to develop this prime asset.

We do not need another supermarket and certainly not one virtually next to an existing one – imagine the traffic chaos.

Large supermarkets are only interested in total domination and they mean virtual death to market towns.

No, it is the people of Thame who should decide what this particular site is to be used for and to be wary of any other “dazzling”offers.

We should follow Japanese example

from George Konstantinidis, address supplied

It is astonishing how Japan is dealing with such a major disaster.

People are queuing peacefully to get some food. The supermarkets are reducing prices to ensure everybody can eat. Shops give free drinks to people in need. There is no looting. Nobody told them about the Big Society, it is in their blood.

Perhaps we can learn a lesson in the western world.

The financial implications of the Japanese disaster will be here soon.

Please make sure that we follow their example and we ensure the person next to us is ok when the going gets tough.