Criminals brought in to help tidy up Aylesbury

Rubbish in Aylesbury
Rubbish in Aylesbury

Criminals on community service have been enlisted to help tidy up Aylesbury in what is believed to be a first for the town.

The Probation Service has provided ten people to do tasks including litter picking and weeding, with Aylesbury Town Council hopeful more can be signed up.

Council officials specify what work they want done and the workers are supervised by a probation service officer.

Town clerk Keith Gray said they have been happy with the work done so far, which started on Monday, and that the authority would be happy to receive the help for as long as possible.

Mr Gray said: “It’s something that is useful to the wider community and it’s all part of the judicial process.

“Litter is an ongoing problem but we couldn’t dedicate people to picking up litter every day, we don’t have that kind of manpower.

“The benefit to the wider public of what the Probation Service is doing is massive.

“I don’t think Aylesbury Town Council has done something like this before.”