‘We won’t allow anyone to derail the community’: Leader calls for calm following racist attacks

Liberal Democrat councillor Raj Khan
Liberal Democrat councillor Raj Khan
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A community leader has pleaded for calm and called for Aylesbury to unite after a cowardly racist attack on an elderly woman.

On Monday evening a 31-year-old man was arrested after he allegedly went on a racist rampage through Aylesbury’s Alfred Rose Park, pushing a 78-year-old Asian woman over, hurling racial abuse at people and smashing the doors and windows of a house.

It is the latest in a worrying line of racist attacks against the town’s Muslim population since Drummer Lee Rigby was killed by terrorists in Woolwich last month.

Liberal Democrat councillor Raj Khan said: “I’m angry and disturbed. These kind of people are criminals and thugs who are trying to derail the harmonious, integrated community that we have.

“We won’t allow anyone to derail the family community that has been here for years. What happened is against the whole community. An innocent elderly lady has been attacked.”

“The people in Woolwich were terrorists and the people doing this are also extremists.”

Mr Khan said community leaders are working hard to prevent tensions spilling over.

“My biggest fear is any form of retaliation. We are working tirelessly to try and contain the community and make sure no idiotic activities take place from anyone.”

Aylesbury Neighbourhood Inspector Kelly Glister said: “This incident has led to some anxiety and concern within the Asian community in Aylesbury, who feel personally targeted by this series of events.

“This type of racially motivated abuse will not be tolerated in Aylesbury and I am pleased the police responded quickly, leading to an immediate arrest.

“As a town, we have a very diverse community that is strong and committed to working together to live in harmony, and I will do my best not to let individuals ruin this unique relationship.

“I would like to reassure all members of the community that we will always do everything to secure justice for victims.

“I would urge any witnesses to come forward, as all information, no matter how small, may become important within the investigation.”