Warning after calls from ‘fake’ police officer Charlie Mitchell

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Police have issued a warning after reports that somebody pretending to be a police officer has called up people and asked for their bank details.

Police say a number of suspicious phone calls have been received by residents across the Vale.

The series of calls have been from someone purporting to be DC or PC Charlie Mitchell, shoulder number EK247 from Aylesbury Police Station.

He tells a story relating to recovering the caller’s cloned bank card and asks for their card security details and card numbers.

Sergeant Bryn Scott said: “If you receive a call like this do not give out any personal details.

“Remember, your bank or a genuine police officer will never ask you for your pin number or the three digit security number from the back of your card.

“If you give your details they will likely be used to purchase goods online which will be delivered to another address”

Anyone who receives a similar call is asked to report it to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040.