Teen pretended to be rape victim


A teenager who suffered the worst rape a judge had ever ruled on has been spared jail after admitting perverting the course of justice in another abuse case.

When the 18 year old’s boyfriend was accused of rape by another woman, she rang police claiming she was the alleged victim and asked for the charges to be dropped.

However, Judge Francis Sheridan, sentencing, had previously tried a case involving the Aylesbury teen when she was victim of the worst rape he had ever heard about and took pity on her.

She was raped when she was much younger, something which has scarred her for life.

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, has spent virtually all of her life in care and turned to alcohol to try to deal with what happened.

At Amersham Crown Court, Judge Sheridan called her ‘idiotic’ but only handed out a three month suspended prison sentence, despite saying her actions would normally be punished with a spell behind bars.

The judge said: “We first met when you were a witness in one of the most dreadful cases I have ever had to try.

“This relationship was the first relationship you could call your own, as opposed to one forced upon you.

“He found himself accused of a serious offence. You idiotically and wrongly rang the police. The police were not conned for a moment.

“You acted like an idiot because you were trying to save the one relationship that was your own. I’m going to pass what I believe to be a fair and proper sentence in this case.”

Last September the former girlfriend of the defendant’s boyfriend accused him of rape. After the teen called the police asking for charges to be dropped, they realised she was not the alleged victim and she admitted lying to them.

Joanna Durber, prosecuting, said: “She didn’t want her partner to get in trouble but then realised she went about it in the wrong way. The call was her idea. She was not forced to do it by anyone.”

Hayley Purves, defending, said: “She is fully remorseful for what she has done.”

The defendant was also ordered to undergo alcohol treatment for six months.

Judge Sheridan said: “You’ve taken to the bottle to drown your sorrows and you’re too young to be left at the end of an empty bottle.”