Tearaway kids as young as 10 put in place by police

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Police have cracked down on youths causing trouble in part of Southcourt.

The area around Taylor Road has been plagued for months by the anti-social behaviour of children as young as 10, leading to regular complaints from residents.

However, after stepping up patrols and handing out warning cards to troublemakers, police now say they have the situation under control.

PC Michael Griggs said: “We have done quite a lot of work with the lads and lasses and that seems to have quietened things down a lot and we have seen a vast reduction in the number of calls.”

Complaints have included youngsters putting full wheelie bins in the road, gathering in bus stops and damaging fencing.

PC Griggs said: “It’s nothing horrendous, it’s just youths not having a great deal to do while hanging around and doing things that the residents find anti-social.”

Two tearaways have signed anti-social behaviour contracts, voluntary agreements where they agree to reel in their behaviour.

Despite the improvements, patrols are being kept high to prevent trouble from breaking out again.

PC Griggs said: “We are still in full flow with extra patrols and are going through the phases of engaging with the youngsters.”

There has been further success around the McDonald’s in Aylesbury high 

Problems have been reported with anti-social behaviour there, but police say since the neighbourhood team have been patrolling around McDonald’s there has been a reduction in these incidents.

Three banning orders have been issued to people that have been abusive to staff at the restaurant.