PCSOs given new uniforms

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A NEW uniform has been introduced to help Police Community Support Officers carry out their duties more easily.

PCSOs are uniformed staff whose role is to work with police officers in neighbourhood policing teams. They do not have the same powers as police officers and spend more time within the community.

A blue T-shirt and black combat trousers will replace the white shirt and blue tie or white polo cycling shirt that officers previously wore.

Thames Valley Police claims the uniform will ensure consistency as all PCSOs throughout the force will now wear the same.

The body also says they will be more easily recognisable as part of the ‘policing family’ as the T-shirts have ‘Police’ written on them.

Inspector Emma Garside said: “In conjunction with all other forces in the South East we have opted for the same colour and design of shirt.

“PCSOs will be easily distinguishable from police officers by their blue T-shirts and blue hat band, whereas police officers wear black T-shirts and a white chequered hat band.”

PCSOs spend most of their time on foot or cycle patrol and act as a link between the police and the people who live and work in the area.

The officers in the Thames Valley are also appointed as traffic wardens so they can control and direct traffic at major events or spontaneous incidents.

They are expected to conduct tasks that do not require the full skills and training of a police officer.

PCSO Paul Evans, who operates from Wing Police Station, said: “It’s absolutely fantastic.

“It’s a lot better operationally as it’s a lot cooler than the previous shirt and tie.

“We’ve had a very positive response from the public as well, who have said it looks very smart.”