Man taken to Stoke Mandeville Hospital after being attacked in cinema for asking pair to stop talking during Batman Vs Superman film

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

A man has been attacked at a cinema in High Wycombe after asking the people sitting in front of him to stop talking during a film.

The incident happened at 2pm on Friday March 25 while the victim, a 40-year-old-man, was watching Batman Vs Superman at Cineworld in the Eden Centre.

Cineworld sign

Cineworld sign

The victim was sat in front of two men who were talking during the screening of the film.

He asked the two men politely to stop talking or else he would speak to a member of staff.

The men continued to cause disruption, so he asked them again to stop talking.

One of the men then swore at the victim and threatened to assault him at the end of the film.

The disruption continued and the victim then stood up in order to get a member of staff.

As he stood up, one of the men punched the victim on the right hand side of his face which resulted in a two inch cut to his cheek and bruising.

The victim was taken to Stoke Mandeville Hospital for treatment and has since been discharged.

The offender is described as an Afro-Caribbean male, aged 17-20 years-old and about six feet tall.

He is heavily built with short, curly, dark hair.

The man also had scarring to his face and was wearing a grey hooded top.

Investigating officer PC Emma Smith said: “This was an assault where the victim received a facial injury that required hospital treatment.

“I am appealing to anyone who may have witnessed this and in particular, a member of the public who assisted the victim and provided first aid until police arrived.”

A Cineworld spokesman said: “We are assisting the Thames Valley Police with their investigation following an incident at the cinema on Friday 25th March.

“The cinema team responded to the situation, providing first aid and ensuring the customer was as comfortable as possible whilst the police and paramedics arrived. We make every effort to ensure our cinemas are a safe and welcoming environment for all.

“Our staff receive the latest training and there is CCTV throughout our cinemas. We wish the customer a speedy recovery.”

Anyone with information about the incident should call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.