Inmates ‘feel safe’ at jail where prisoner was murdered

A PRISON where a paedophile was brutally beaten to death in his own cell is a place where most inmates feel safe, an official report has ruled.

A study by the chief inspector of prisons also states that security at HMP Grendon is ‘appropriate but non-intrusive’.

It comes three weeks after convicted killer Lee Foye was told he faces at least 35 more years behind bars for the murder of child sex offender Bob Coello in August 2010.

The report by Nick Hardwick, based on an inspection in August this year, stated: “There have been two deaths since our last inspection: one a suicide and the other an alleged homicide.

“Despite this, most prisoners told us that they felt safe.”

The report said there was ‘little bullying’ evident, and staff rarely resorted to using force.

It stated: “Security was appropriate but non-intrusive.”

But it warned that some inmates at the Category B prison were not getting the best help, with ‘little strategic vision’ for vocational and educational facilities.

The prison inspector said: “In a difficult financial climate, the resources necessary to carry out Grendon’s work with this hugely challenging group of prisoners in under pressure.”

And Mr Hardwick ruled that the prison’s healthcare department was under staffed.

After the report was published, Michael Spurr, chief executive of the National Offender Management Service (NOMS), branded the document ‘positive’ and said: “The governor and staff will now work to ensure that support for prisoners with disabilities, older prisoners and foreign nationals is developed further, that healthcare is further improved, and vocational training and accreditation is brought up to a good standard.”