Heartbreak over treasured wallet

Lewis Lang, 87, is hoping his wallet of six decades will be returned
Lewis Lang, 87, is hoping his wallet of six decades will be returned

Thieves have deprived an old man of a treasured wallet which has been by his side through the war, his working life and his retirement.

The distinctive wallet, which is emblazoned with the Union flag on both sides, was stolen from his coat while he shopped at The Card Factory in Aylesbury.

Lewis Lang said: “I went to pay for the cards and discovered my wallet was missing. I didn’t notice being bumped into, but it was packed in there. I am very upset, the wallet means a lot to me, I’m not worried about the money, I just want the wallet back.”

There was £40 in cash in the wallet, together with several store cards. Mr Lang’s name and address was written on a piece of paper inside, and he hopes if anyone finds it they will return it to him.

Now aged 87, he can’t remember who gave him the wallet when he was 17 and joined the Royal Navy. He said it was made of strong material and was in very good condition. Now widowed, Mr Lang, who used to work for the post office at Watford and supported the football club, has three daughters, five grandchildren and four great grandchildren.

He was buying cards for his son-in-law, brother, great grandson and a friend of his beloved late wife Doreen.

He said: “I had to come home to get more money to go back and buy the cards. I wasn’t going to let them down, I have a lovely family.”

If you find the wallet but Mr Lang’s address is missing, please send it to The Bucks Herald at The Gatehouse, Gatehouse Way, Aylesbury, HP19 8DB and we will return it to him.