Gunman on the run for 10th straight day

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File Picture

A gunman who shot a 43-year-old man in Aylesbury remains on the run 10 days later.

The shooting happened in Hilton Avenue, Elmhurst, at around 7.15pm on March 16.

But the gunman is yet to be arrested and it is unknown whether he is still armed.

Police are also unsure whether he is still in the area or in another part of the country.

The victim, who is not from the area, remains at Stoke Mandeville Hospital with ‘non life threatening injuries’ but the extent of his gunshot wound is unknown.

Speaking yesterday, a police spokesman reiterated that the gunman knew the victim although the motives of the attack are unknown.

She said: “This was someone after a particular person.

“We are still going through all avenues to bring the perpetrator to justice.”

Police cordoned off Dryden Close on March 17 for a team of suited forensic exports to explore the site.

While plain-clothed officers carried out door-to-door enquiries throughout Elmhurst. And on March 18 a police search team smashed through a front door of a Cotswold Green home, opposite Dryden Close.

It is unknown whether this was in connection with the shooting.